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Sikkens: the right color

Mix2Win is a software package for AkzoNobel Coatings customers which main target is to mix paint-base with colorants, thus creating any paint color.


Using Mix2Win, one can:

  • Control an automated mixing machine (paint-dispenser)
  • Choose from a wide range of standard colors
  • Create your own color assortment
  • Create connections between customers and colors for future reference
  • Print labels to accompany the mixed paint on the can
  • (optionally) Measure colors on any surface using a spectro meter

On these pages you can find information about Mix2Win and related products in the area of colors from AkzoNobel Coatings

AkzoNobel Customers' that use Mix2Win can retrieve the latest paint recipes once they have a login account for ColorMixer. To request an account, navigate to 'ColorMixer' in the menu on the left and follow instructions!