Sikkens: the right color
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Sikkens: the right color

Mix2Win Next is the POS Tinting Software package developed by AkzoNobel for the exclusive use of its customers to enable them to mix paint with colorants to deliver any paint color.
Mix2Win Next offers class leading performance and functionality, ask your AkzoNobel representative for further details.

AkzoNobel Customers' that use Mix2Win Next can use this site to retrieve the latest paint recipes when they have a ColorMixer account. To login or to request an account, navigate to 'ColorMixer' in the menu on the left and follow the instructions.

UDCP (Universal Dispenser Communications Protocol) is a protocol which will be used in communication between dispenser hardware and drivers on one side and point of sales (POS) dispensing software on the other. The purpose of introducing UDCP is to provide a standardized way of communication. For further details navigate to 'UDCP' in the menu on the left.