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Sikkens: the right color



On this site you find the Universal Dispenser Communication Protocol. This protocol describes the way communication has to take place between dispenser driver software and the point of sale software. This standardization improves the quality of the communication and reduces cost and development time for new and changed point of sale and driver software for colorant dispensers.


To maximize the success of this protocol it was decided to create a public standard, which can and will be used by all parties in the market involved in the usage and production of dispenser driver and point of sale software. The UDCP has a GNU FDL. GNU FDL means the (terms and conditions of the) GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2, November 2002, as published by the Free Software Foundation Inc. (


This protocol development was led by AkzoNobel and developed in cooperation with CPS Color, Dromont, FFM, Füll engineering, Hero and Lenteq, resulting in the first release of version 1.0.


Possible new developments on the protocol are allowed by all parties in the market. To assure the best standardization possible it was agreed with the initial development group of version 1.0 to create a change control board which is seated by AkzoNobel. In case you would like to change anything to the protocol please get in touch via


In case of any further questions, please contact us at


UDCP Interface specification v1.0

UDCP Dispenser Family Codes

UDCP Server Package